Stanmore recognises that Quality Standards are of paramount importance in providing excellent products and services to our clients. Being an ISO9001:2015 certificated company, we have established management systems to monitor all of our office and site based processes in a structured environment to assure the best end results for our Customers.

The Company’s Quality Policy calls for continuous improvement in the Quality Management Activities by:

• complying with all up-to-date statutory requirements

• complying with the standards set by industrial organisations such as BBA, CWCT, NHBC, TRADA, INCA, FPDC etc. as relevant to each project

• complying with the relevant product manufacturer’s design and installation guidelines

• carrying out spot quality checks on site as well as at the fabrication facilities

• communicating the quality objectives and the performance results throughout the company

• adopting forward-thinking views on future business decisions which enhances the quality standards


Stanmore recognises that Environmental Standards are becoming more important and being an ISO14001:2015 certificated company, we have established management systems to monitor and control environmental issues for our office and site based processes.

Health & Safety

Stanmore puts Health and Safety at the top of its agenda. Our management systems and procedures monitor and control our Health and Safety procedures and drive us towards continuous improvement.

Right from the pricing stage until the completion of each project, our dedicated team will carefully oversee quality standards.

• ensuring that all activities are safe for employees, associates and sub-contractors, as well as others exposed to our work environment

• Continually training our staff so that they understand the needs and responsibilities of quality management

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Our current quality accreditations for your reference.

ISO 50001 Certificate

Achilles Certificate

CE Certificate