Unitised Facades

Unitised facades constitute prefabricated and built units. The units are relocated from the factory area to the site for quick set up onto pre-prepared fixings. Generally, unitised facades are the breadth of a glazing bay and one or even two storeys higher. The panels are glazed and sealed off-site, with gaskets and glazing beads.  

Unitised facades are suitable for a demanding tasks, fast-track schemes, modern building, and refurbishment models requiring further sophisticated and bespoke facades. 

Unitised facades framework has a wide range of designs, with a blend of different panel sizes, and colors. 

Today expansion of offsite structure production has expansively developed. Unitised facades combine the benefits of off-site and modern techniques of construction. 

Increased developers and technicians are embracing the advantages of shifting components of the construction system into a factory setting.  

The Stanmore modern plant is progressing and taking operations to a higher level. Upskill of employees have provided a more extensive selection of unitised façades.

The Benefits of unitised facades

The extra approach to facade layout and construction has provided advantages 

  • Provide many artistic variations. Architects can exploit every blend of finishes, infills,   exterior attribute, and glazing expertise. 
  • Versatile design layouts such as stone cladding, metallic, composite or polycarbonate sections windows, doors and mounted lighting glazing; brise soleil and the photovoltaic panels 
  • Shorter lead periods helping technicians and architects meet up the growing need. Less construction time, allowing it to meet remarkable time cutbacks on site of 70%.
  • Increased safety measures on site. Since to put units up you don’t need an elevation on scaffolding. 
  • Reduced storage area and handling of materials used on site. A specific benefit to city center sites due to the limitation of space and accessibility. 
  • Unitised facades designed in a factory environment, provide quality, and durable facade systems.
  • Since the factory environment has waste control measures cost from loss, damage and wastage reduce.