Our values


For over 60 years, Stanmore have been the trusted drylining and façade partner for Britain's most successful construction companies. Our ethos, culture, and mission are at the heart of everything we do and are integral to how we continue to forge forward.

Ours is a reputation built on a foundation of customer care and an obsession with client satisfaction. From tender stage all the way through to a development opening, we bring our collaborative effort to each project.

Project managers, designers, engineers, and more are involved from the beginning to ensure that each project is delivered perfectly and with minimal interruption.

After over 60 years leading the way in British facades and drylining, Stanmore have a network of the finest suppliers to complement our unparalleled expertise. You can be assured that your plans will be optimised by the finest designers in the country and outfitted with precisely the right materials for your project. Everyone at Stanmore is here because of a shared passion for creating wonderful places for others to work, live, and prosper, so each development receives the same meticulous commitment.


We are a construction partner, but we do what we do for the people around us. The care and attention we pour into every project stems from a culture of growth; not just of the built environment, but of communities and people. Our expert touch can be seen in developments across the UK; decades of knowledge and experience are taught in-house from the second a new member of staff walks through the door.

We believe in boots on the ground and an eye to the future, which is why we encourage every member of staff, from apprentices to managers, to constantly ask themselves what they want to learn next.

Everyone around Stanmore is as passionate and learned as those that came before them. We are proud that all department heads have worked their way to that position within the company from the ground up.


With a heritage steeped in excellence comes a responsibility to continue improving. Stanmore insists on a culture of innovation, improvement, and industry leadership.

From leading-edge safety procedures to the latest in top-class material production, we pride ourselves on constantly evolving. We know the risks in taking our pedigree for granted, which is why our team is dedicated to constant communication with suppliers and clients alike to make sure we are offering the latest, most optimised service without compromise.


A reputation like Stanmore’s does not just come from the impeccable quality of our service; it is driven by the relationships we have with our partners.

When someone approaches us for a project for the first or hundredth time, they will immediately know the same thing. The team are honest, transparent, and share a commitment to seeing the plans come together on time, on budget, and to the highest possible standard.

With constant lines of communication, modern tracking systems for maximum accountability, and relationships with the finest suppliers in the country, you will have no doubts or unanswered questions about your project.


Our reputation for excellence stems from a genuine passion for building great and beautiful structures. That is why we love talking about it with like-minded people. If you would like to book in a consultation or have a conversation regarding an upcoming project, please contact us.

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