Dan Brady  linkendin-img

Commencing his illustrious journey with Stanmore in November 2000, Dan Brady embarked as a keen apprentice Dryliner/Fixer. His unwavering dedication and insatiable drive for knowledge bore fruit as he mastered his craft over the ensuing four years, specializing in the installation of Metal stud partitions and suspended ceiling systems across various Stanmore projects.

By 2006, Stanmore’s leadership astutely recognized Dan’s remarkable talents, inviting him to elevate his position within the management fold. As a supervisor, Dan’s expertise shone brightly for the next six years, deftly managing intricate high-rise developments and adeptly navigating the intricacies of Stanmore’s varied project portfolio.

In testament to his leadership prowess and deep industry insight, 2012 saw Dan rise to the role of Contracts Manager. This marked the beginning of a series of significant advancements, culminating in his appointment as Operations Manager in 2015. By 2016, Dan further solidified his central role within the company, moving to Stanmore's head office to embrace the critical role of Production Director. In this capacity, he oversees the entirety of Stanmore’s Façade operations, placing a keen emphasis on crucial pre-construction elements such as Planning, Design, and Material Procurement.

Throughout his tenure, Dan’s growth trajectory has mirrored the ascendance of the organization, marking him as an irreplaceable cornerstone of the Stanmore edifice. Outside the boardroom, Dan is deeply committed to family, cherishes social connections, and ardently indulges in cycling and running, underscoring his commitment to a holistic and healthy lifestyle. Dan Brady exemplifies a harmonious blend of professional excellence and personal integrity.