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Jurij, Construction Director at Stanmore Contractors Ltd, epitomizes dedication, vision, and leadership in the world of construction. His illustrious career, nearly two decades in the making, has been deeply intertwined with Stanmore since 2004. From humble beginnings as a drylining fixer, Jurij's tenacity and unyielding passion for the craft propelled him through the echelons of the company, culminating in his current esteemed directorial role.

During his tenure at Stanmore, Jurij's trajectory has been dotted with pivotal roles and stellar accomplishments. Ascending from a Working Foreman in 2008, he adeptly navigated the role of Site Supervisor, vigilantly overseeing diverse projects across the South West. Recognized for his leadership and acumen, he embraced the mantle of Senior Contracts Manager, and by 2016, Jurij's reputation as a leader of calibre saw him rise to the position of Regional Director. His crowning achievement came in 2020 with his appointment as Construction Director, an affirmation of his indelible impact and prowess.

At the heart of Jurij's professional ethos is an innate penchant for problem-solving and an insatiable drive to excel in the face of ever-evolving challenges. He revels in ensuring client satisfaction, regularly surpassing expectations, and his dedication to team fulfilment underscores his holistic approach to leadership.

Jurij's portfolio is replete with commendable feats, notably spearheading Stanmore's foray into burgeoning regions such as the North West and Birmingham. His adept leadership ensured exceptional project delivery, spanning drylining, facades, Juliet balconies, and fire stopping. Beyond mere project oversight, Jurij has been the bedrock in cultivating high-performance teams in these regions, ensuring they resonate with the quintessential Stanmore ethos.

Eyes firmly set on the horizon, Jurij envisions expansive growth avenues for Stanmore. Committed to client satisfaction, he is the driving force behind the Birmingham division's growth, ensuring that both his team and he remain au courant with industry innovations through continuous learning.

Away from the blueprint and the boardroom, Jurij cherishes familial moments, indulges his love for golf, and passionately roots for his favorite football teams. Echoing his leadership mantra, Jurij believes, "People work for people. Leadership and direction triumph over mere management." This credo encapsulates his unwavering commitment to nurturing talent, spurring growth, and furthering industry benchmarks. With Jurij at the helm, Stanmore Contractors Ltd's future promises excellence, innovation, and growth.