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Matthew "Matt" Brunt is a distinguished alumnus of Greenwich University, where he earned a degree in Quantity Surveying and Consultancy Management in 2014.

Over the span of his impressive 15-year career in the construction industry, Matthew has emerged as an expert in managing both commercial and high-end residential projects.

His vast experience has equipped him with the skills to meticulously handle project finances from conception to finalization. With a consistent track record of maintaining and overseeing budgets, Matthew's financial acumen is underscored by his unwavering commitment to delivering projects with prudence and efficiency.
Moreover, Matthew's strategic planning and attention to detail have been instrumental in achieving consistently successful outcomes across a myriad of projects. These strengths, combined with his interpersonal finesse, enable him to cultivate robust relationships with clients and stakeholders alike, showcasing his prowess as both a leader and team player.

Outside the confines of his professional endeavors, Matthew is a man of varied interests. His love for live music showcases his appreciation for art and culture, while his dedication to CrossFit and running highlight his discipline and resilience. Notably, as an ardent rugby fan, he embodies the values of teamwork and camaraderie, further solidifying his position as an esteemed figure in the construction industry.