Dry Lining

For almost six decades Stanmore has been transforming buildings. Our dry lining skills have led us to become an award-winning contractor. So in the construction industry, we are one of the most trusted.

Today those working in the industry, like the opportunity dry lining brings. The dry lining makes a real difference when changing the whole look and feel of a place to give it a new purpose. 

Our expertise in dry lining has enabled us to offer an extensive range of solutions to suit your budget. At Stanmore, we provide a complete service from initial designs to ongoing maintenance. Our experts help modernize, repair, append walls or partitions and build a framework for internal and external portioning. 

Dry lining has the following benefits

It’s fast and efficient: Dry lining includes creating a wooden frame and nailing the perfect plasterboard in position. In comparison to the traditional plastering, it’s the quickest, cleanest and most comfortable way to section an area

Enhance acoustics: Select soundproofing plasterboard as it allows you to change and enhance the acoustics in a room radically. Great for everything from a public conference room to a teenager’s bedroom.

Cover up pipes and wires: Due to the flexibility provided by dry lining, it’s an easy and effective solution to conceal ugly pipework and wiring. Therefore, the dry lining is well suited for the final match for the loft and basement conversion.

Easier renovation: Since almost any surface can be dry lined, this approach is excellent for repair, since it lets you swiftly enhance the appearance of a room. Also evens out bumpy surfaces, and to quickly attain a beautifully pleasing and expert finish

Superior insulation: Contrary to traditional brick and block wall design methods, dry lining produces a cavity that is perfect for insulation. The hole, therefore, provides for the development of far better-insulated rooms and reduced energy charges.

Simple to decorate: It’s way quicker and tidier to skim plasterboard, providing you with an even and smooth surface area which is gentle to beautify.

Our team dedication and attention to detail ensures they available throughout the project resulting in on-time delivery. Our skilled staff will also keep the highest standards that offer a quality finish. Our materials provide a durable finish for both new and heritage sites. 

Dry Lining Services

  • Traditional dry lining and plastering
  • Metal stud partition on wall construction
  • Metal stud shaft/riser wall construction
  • Acoustic wall treatments
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Demountable ceilings
  • Lay-in-grid ceilings
  • Acoustic ceiling systems
  • Semi-exposed soffit linings
  • Traditional Screed
  • Flowing Screed