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With a heritage reaching back to 1958, Stanmore’s expertise has grown from the more traditional methods of plastering and screening to modern, sector-leading dry lining practices. We have grown along with industrial technology and have been at the forefront ever since.

As part of our extensive in-house team of experts and operatives, the Stanmore dry lining department work directly with some of the largest developers in British construction. We pride ourselves on supplying dry lining that provides best-in-class insulation, acoustics, stability, and aesthetics.

Our expansive portfolio includes some of the most recognised names in construction and we provide dry lining solutions for ceilings, walls, partitions, and more for developments spanning residential projects to towering commercial properties.


As a provider of a complete, holistic dry lining solutions, we ensure that every project is given its own special touch of class.

The Stanmore team have decades of experience within dry lining, as well as around the construction industry. They are driven by a genuine passion to watch structures grow or heal, and to keep the people in them safe and happy. Whether installing dry lining for ceilings, partitions, or walls, they approach a project with the same enthusiasm and eye for detail as the last.

Stanmore are a proud provider of a complete through-wall solution, meaning we manage and install everything from the dry lining through to the external façade. This way, we are able to work with our own colleagues around the business to make sure everything is installed as efficiently as possible, without disrupting other aspects of the project. Our dry lining services include:

  • Dry Lining
  • Plastering
  • Partitions
  • Shaft & Riser Walls
  • Acoustic Treatments
  • MF ceilings
  • Demountable Partitions
  • Lay-in-grid Ceilings
  • External Rendering
  • Gypliner Systems

We pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation for not only quality installations but also client relationships. We begin work on designs and plans from tender stage and are always delighted to advise even before contracts are signed.

Open and transparent dialogue between the client, Stanmore, and our manufacturers ensures that every project gets a bespoke solution that we stake our reputation on. We believe in using only the very best materials that we know will give people a safe and efficient place to live and thrive. That is why we work exclusively with manufacturers we trust and have had storied success with before.


We, like you, believe that every single part of the construction process is as important to get right as the last, and drylining is no exception. Mistakes, or lack of care early on, can cause damage and structural risk later down the line. Stanmore's quality assurance procedure leads the industry in transparency, accountability, and attention to detail.

Our bespoke online tracking tools are fully compliant with 'Golden Thread' principles and can be made accessible to developers, architects, or anyone affiliated with the project and log, with photographic evidence, every single aspect of each installation.

We know that no two developments are the same, which is why we agree every different sign-off element with the client, and every process is tailored to each project.


Our reputation for excellence stems from a genuine passion for building great and beautiful structures. That is why we love talking about it with like-minded people. If you would like to book in a consultation or have a conversation regarding an upcoming project, please contact us.

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