Stanmore are offering various types of fire protection across the UK. With decades of experience working with both residential and commercial sectors, our team of experts will be able to ensure your building is installed with good quality fire protection it needs.

We'll be able to fit these services around your requirements. That means whether you're looking for either a small fix or something which covers your whole building, the Stanmore team will be able to provide a solution with input from your Consultants and concerned Product Manufacturers.


While the primary purpose of passive fire protection in a building is to stop and delay the spread of a blaze, Stanmore offer few different IFC (third party) accredited services as listed below. In case of third party accreditation requirements, please don't forget to notify us well in advance to complete the registration and associated processes with the certification provider. You can find Stanmore's IFC accreditation details here

Service Penetration and Linear Gap Seals

While it might seem like a basic thing, fire protection of service penetrations in walls, ceilings, floors etc of a building is very vital to ensure it meets the safety & regulatory requirements. Linear gap sealing generally applies to wall/floor/ceiling junction interfaces etc to ensure the fire integrity and insulation performances are not compromised for the specified time duration. These passive fire protection works could be located in Concrete/Masonry substrates as well as within Drywall systems. For best results it is very important that the right solution is chosen in line with the surrounding wall construction and the types/sizes of services passing through these.

Cavity Barriers

These solutions are used to compartmentalize a building so that the fire is confined within certain zones of the building for the specified duration in line with the buildings fire strategy requirements. These works may apply to external facades, internal walls and ceilings.

Timber & Steel Stud Partitions

Third party accreditation can be provided on the drywall systems installed by Stanmore, subject to prior agreement during tender stage. Please notify the requirements at the time of tender enquiry to ensure this is organised beforehand to execute on your project in due course.

Structural Fire Protection-Boards

Stanmore also offer structural steel fire protection using board lined systems provided by Manufacturers such as British Gypsum, Promat etc. Please contact our commercial team for further details.


Our reputation for excellence stems from a genuine passion for building great and beautiful structures. That is why we love talking about it with like-minded people. If you would like to book in a consultation or have a conversation regarding an upcoming project, please contact us.

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