When looking around buildings, we don’t always take an interest in the details. When designing the infrastructure of the building, glass has a significant role. Glass provides light, protection, energy, and safety. Window glazing is used together with glass across a range of uses from walls, stairwells, balcony, and ceilings.

Our highly skilled glaziers have years of experience working with different types of windows. Stanmore provides various types of glazing, doors, and windows for commercial and residential buildings. Our services vary from installation, emergency repairs, security improvement and draught proofing.

We ensure that our glazing solutions adhere to stringent quality standards and are safe for multiple uses. These uses include flooring, sound-proofing, high rise windows, listed buildings, in any size, shape or colour and entrances.

In addition to all the glazing services, our fitters are highly skilled in the handling, fitting and care of the glass. Our customers enjoy long-term high-tech glazing services with durable fittings ensuring peace of mind.

After many years of work, our standards have consistently improved and are continuously doing so. Therefore, our quality techniques and project management are without comparison in this industry. Our staff undergo continuous training to enhance their skills as technology evolves. We offer a project team based on the skills and experience required for a specific job.

Our location ensures fast access to all major routes. If you need to undertake any domestic, commercial glass installation and repairs don’t hesitate to reach Stanmore where we have a wealth of experience and skill in glazing and glass industry. Our expert team can specify and install all glass types for any purpose. Meeting our customers requirement is our primary goal no matter how simple or challenging they may be.