High end commercial glazing


Stanmore have been providing high-end commercial glazing for Britain's largest developers for over 15 years. Our team of experienced industry professionals know that one of the first things people will notice about your development is the glasswork and strive to give you a bespoke solution that works best for you.

Glazing is not simply an aesthetic choice, it is a business consideration. The right installation with the right product, fitted correctly stops heat loss, insulates from sound, and makes a structure more efficient. Investing in glazing at early development stage is an investment in your project's long-term future.

Drawing from the finest suppliers in British construction, we use aluminium and wood to manufacture and install whatever windows you need, including composite windows. This includes but is not limited to:

Bay windows
Casement windows
Sash windows
Tilt-and-turn windows
Curtain walling


As a leading authority on glazing design, supply, and installation, Stanmore have a wealth of experience illuminating some of London's most ambitious developments. When you approach us, even as early as tender stage, we take a forensic look at existing plans, ideas, and requirements for every project.

All thermal, solar, and acoustic requirements are taken into account, along with architectural and design considerations. Our team of glazing experts and designers will find the right window solution for your projects and install glazing that will allow them to truly shine.

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with clients and are driven by a genuine need to look at a finished project knowing that it has our Stanmore touch of class and quality. We want every structure in this country to be as good as it can be, so if we think original designs can be optimised, we will advise as such, regardless of where you choose to award the contract.


We work one-on-one with each client and take a friendly approach to our relationship. Glazing is not just part of our business, it is a passion and we are enthusiastic to share our years of experience. By maintaining an honest and open dialogue, we understand your needs quickly and can advise on your best move towards a glazing solution that acts in your best interests.

We will consult with architects and structural engineers to advise on an approach. We then move onto our design team to help visualise and confirm a solution. A perfect design and fit takes time so we factor these considerations in as early as possible to fit with your timeline.

Every stage in our process, from design to fabrication, delivery to installation, is quality assured to meticulous detail. Every part is uniquely logged against specific projects so all parties know what came from where, how it got there, and in what condition. If anything is logged not to our exacting standards, we re-align immediately.

Out onsite team use Stanmore's bespoke quality assurance system which photographically tracks where and how every window is installed. We can provide access to you, your architect, or anyone involved in the project to see how everything has been installed, even for years to come. We are assuring quality in the short, medium, and long term.


Stanmore offer a full glazing service and can serve as your sole touchpoint. We keep nearly all of our services such as design and management in house and we work with the finest systems houses in order to source bespoke glazing materials for each project.

We have a network of suppliers we know and trust, with a transparent relationship meaning we oversee every part of the design and manufacturing process. Our influence on the entire process means we can work exactly to your time frames in a flexible and controlled manner, all while resting assured that the finest materials will arrive on-site exactly when needed.


Our reputation for excellence stems from a genuine passion for building great and beautiful structures. That is why we love talking about it with like-minded people. If you would like to book in a consultation or have a conversation regarding an upcoming project, please contact us.

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