Architectural Metalwork

Times have changed and metal work has become an incredible order of modern architecture, unlike in the past where it stayed hidden behind the concrete facades of the building.

The new metal designs and production techniques allow us to be bold and innovative. Various applications use metalwork from the internal framework to building facades.

Stanmore provides metalwork services for both internal and external projects. Our craftsmen offer various designs, ranging from glazing frameworks, sweeping grand stairways, modern stainless steel infrastructures and exterior walkways.

Our team of experts will show you a wide range of metals that will work best for your project.  The skilled team ensures the design and metal used is suitable for the design its used and is durable.

Pre-assembly has also become an essential part of Stanmore work, after the opening of the new manufacturing plant.  Stanmore operates an in-house fabrication facility in Sydenham, south London for architectural metalwork. Our metalwork business has helped Stanmore to understand factory processes. We currently pre-assemble around 1,000 balconies a year for the housing market.

From 1st July 2014, the CE Marking of structural steelwork to BS EN 1090 became a legal rule. After this date, all fabricated structural components had to bear a CE mark. Stanmore acquired the accreditation of CE marking due to consistent quality standards.   

It is company policy to also carry out ND testing on all projects as part of the quality assurance for CE marking.

Metalwork services

  • Architectural Metalwork
  • Steel Frame Bolt-on Balconies
  • Juliet Balconies
  • Steel Staircases
  • Bespoke Balustrades & Railings
  • Structural Glass Balustrades
  • Brise Soleil
  • Access solutions – Cat ladders, etc.
  • Secure entrance gates & fencing
  • Structural Steelwork

Company Overview

Stanmore Steel’s aim is “To assemble an able, highly trained, well respected team who, through large-scale operation offer an excellent and unique service to the construction industry and also provide a just, equal, harmonious working environment with security of employment, job satisfaction and excellent remuneration for every member of staff, whether they be office based or trades workforce.”


Stanmore Steel is one of London’s largest metalwork companies with an annual turnover of £12 Million and have worked with the majority of the largest developers and main contractors in the London area. Stanmore Steel has a great portfolio of all different types of work ranging from Bolt on Balconies, Steel and glass balustrade, Bridges, Canopies, Roof and Steel Structures, Privacy screens and more.

About Us

Stanmore Steel is part of the Stanmore Group, which can provide many services as an installer comprising of Windows and Curtain Walling, Unitised facade, and many types of Cladding and Dry Lining.

We have recently moved into a new state of the art facility in Sydenham, London.

Design and Material Schedules

The Stanmore Procurement Procedure works through a number of departments, collaboratively working together to ensure the materials are delivered to the site or factory ready for install or the manufacturing process.

When Stanmore’s Design team release drawings for fabrication, the buying team will create a material schedule ready for call off by either the site team or fabrication team. Long lead materials are ordered within time to ensure that materials are delivered in time ready for fabrication or installation.

Fabrication and Fabrication Control

Stanmore’s Fabrication and Assembly Facility is situated in Sydenham, South London.

Quality and Finishing Procedures

The quality of work is managed each step of the way. Quality sign off sheets are produced at each stage of the fabrication such as Fabrication and Welding followed by Galvanising at powder coating and so on.

There are 7 main stages at which the items are checked:

  • Material Delivery
  • Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Return from Galvanising
  • Return from Powder
  • Assembly
  • Install on site